About Us

Our heating and ventilation division was established in 1996, aiming to provide installation services for ‘underfloor heating systems’ and ‘heat recovery and ventilation systems’, both of which were new to the construction industry and were not available in Shetland at that time. This side of our business has developed over the years since and we now offer a full range of domestic and light commercial plumbing and heating and ventilation services.

As part of our philosophy of continuous improvement we have kept up with emerging systems and technologies and have invested heavily in staff training, we are therefore well placed to provide a professional service for the design and installation of all domestic and light commercial heating, plumbing and ventilation services.

Our pioneering spirit makes us an industry leader in Shetland. We are well equipped to move with the changing times as our history shows, and we are focused on providing sustainable low-energy solutions to all of your heating, plumbing and ventilation requirements.