Domestic Hot Water & Plumbing

A mains pressure hot water cylinder holds water at some pressure above atmospheric. It is normally supplied direct from the mains and the system is sealed to the atmosphere. This type of system therefore does not require a cold water storage header tank in roof space, thus saving space. Also due to working at higher pressures the cylinders are designed to higher standards.

Modern unvented cylinders have many benefits over traditional hot water storage systems:

  • High performance - water supply to all outlets will be a higher pressure
  • Showers do not require booster pumps
  • Greater system design and flexibility
  • Wider choice of taps and mixers
  • Cylinders can be sited almost anywhere
  • Virtually silent, unlike the traditional noisy cistern filling
  • Balanced hot and cold water supplies
  • No freezing hazard or possibility of contamination

Indirectly Heated Cylinders are designed to run in conjunction with an external heat source. They are often supplied with an immersion heater as back-up.

Directly Heated Cylinders are generally heated by electric immersion heater supplied with two or more immersion heaters and can take advantage of "economy tariff" electricity.

Cylinder Size
Both direct and indirect mains pressure cylinders are available in various sizes for most applications, from 100 litres to 500 litres.

Unvented systems have a number of controls built into their design to prevent an uncontrolled supply of heat to the stored water and are generally sold as a package with the controls required.

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