Under Floor Heating & Radiators

Underfloor Heating

Heating from the floor upwards provides evenly distributed heat that’s efficient, effective and incredibly economical.

Water is heated by a traditional boiler or renewable heat sources (e.g. a heat pump) and is pumped around the floor through a series of pipes attached to a central manifold, transferring heat around the room.

What Type of Flooring is Compatible?

The type of flooring and floor construction in your home will affect the efficiency of your heating system. Pipe-in-screed with a tile finish is one of the most efficient combinations. There are several systems available to suit most types of floor construction. We will help design the most suitable system for your project.

We can also advise on integrating your underfloor heating with other technologies, the choice of control and floor construction.


Traditional radiators will work fine with oil fired boilers, electric boilers and biomass boilers, however district heating (heat pumps) will require larger radiators to compensate for the lower hot water flow temperature produced by the equipment.

Low Temperature Radiators

Several manufacturers are now supplying these radiators which are designed to operate very efficiently with hot water flow temperatures as low as 25°C making them ideal for use with heat pumps.

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