Oil Boilers

Condensing boilers are the most energy efficient oil boilers on the market today. They achieve high levels of efficiency by removing heat from burning carbon fuel and cooling the products of combustion that are normally wasted up the flue. So much so that water vapour turns into liquid.

There are three basic types of boilers:

Regular Boilers heat the primary water in your header tank, which can be diverted for your central heating and hot water requirements on an open vented or sealed system.

  • Require a separate control pack (circulating pump, diverter valves, programmer, room and cylinder thermostats)
  • Require a hot water cylinder and cold water storage header tank
  • No restriction on the size of boiler required
  • Ability to be adapted for solar energy heating

System Boilers are more compact than regular boilers, using an unvented hot water cylinder, therefore removing the need for an additional header tank.

  • Installation is neater, easier and more efficient
  • Saves space
  • Ability to be adapted for solar energy heating
  • Integrated expansion vessel, pump and in some cases diverter valves
  • Limitation to the kilowatt output to these boilers

Combination Boilers are the most compact unit, which provides heating and hot water directly from the boiler.

  • The most popular in the UK
  • Easiest system to adapt to accept solar energy heating
  • Wall hung and can be fitted anywhere in the property
  • No need for any cold water storage header tanks, or hot water tanks – saving the most space
  • Very efficient as they heat the water as you use it
  • Increased pressure to showers and hot water supply
  • Most suitable for properties with 1 bathroom ( there is a storage combination boiler available for properties with additional bathrooms)

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